Education & academic copywriting

Writing/proofreading/editing for educational &academic institutions

Copywriting for EdTech and training institutes

The education sector is a busy marketplace. EdTech and training institutes are constantly growing. New courses are being offered regularly.

Your web copy must be prim and up-to-date always. Not to mention, it should abide by SEO standards. Your company brochures must reflect your values and make you shine above the rest.

Handling all this work in-house can be challenging for your marketing team. Especially when the information comes from different departments. So, why not outsource to a freelance education copywriter who ‘gets’ your line of work?

Why trust me as your education copywriter?

In the past 9 years, I have worked with various established, (UK-based & international) educational and vocational training providers. I have written copy about subjects ranging from international languages and semi-permanent makeup to NVQ construction and first-aid training courses.

I understand how competitive your world is. Copywriting for the educational and academic sector means more than just informing the audience about your services and institution. It’s about being persuasive. You need to consistently build trust and confidence. And maintain your brand image in the eyes of your prospects.

So, if you’re looking for well-researched and effective content tailored especially for your audience, get in touch for a FREE quote.

Whether you need online content, offline content or a digital revamp of your website, I can help. Whatever your requirements, I’ll deliver quality content that gives you a return on your marketing spend.

Proofreading/editing sci-tech research papers & articles

Are you a busy professional associated with the science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) sector? Handling technical work like coding and debugging or perhaps generating monthly reports come naturally to you?

But scanning your work to find grammatical errors and spelling mistakes? Well, that’s another story. And the amount of time this tedious job takes is surely overwhelming. You’d rather use your time to do something you enjoy more.

Nonetheless, you do understand how important it is to ‘polish’ your written work and make it look presentable. You don’t want to make all your hard work go wasted when others struggle to read your words.

There is a solution!

Hire a freelance academic copywriter to sharpen up your documents. Rest assured your ideas will be communicated clearly and effectively.

Why choose me over other academic copywriters?

As a researcher or scholar, you want others to judge your work on merit. Not by your ability to write the English language.

I am an engineer and have worked closely with the sci-tech and engineering industries. I have also co-authored research papers.

Let me help by making your writing 100% free of errors, clear and easy to read. Save your time and energy for more complex matters. And present your work with more confidence.

Let me help to make your work shine more!

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