Engineering & construction

SNG International consultants case study

Genre: Engineering & construction

Project: Creating a long-form technical document

SNG International, UAE needed:

SNG International Consultants is a UAE-based international engineering consultancy firm. The total experience of the owners adds up to 45 years. The firm was looking to create a long-form technical document(for print) that would help them maintain a professional image in the engineering sector, both in the UAE and internationally.

For this purpose, they wanted to hire a copywriter who understands the technical details of the engineering & construction sector. They also had a tight deadline.

Work included:

To gather information about SNG Consultants I referred to the information available on their website. I also researched their competitor’s websites to make sure the document didn’t miss any key points and would help SNG Consultants stay a step ahead of the competition.


I was able to produce the long-form technical document before the due date. SNG Consultants were very pleased with my work and checked my availability for more work.


Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, I’m unable to post an example of my work here. If you’re interested in seeing my work. Please contact me. 


October 2018