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IBM case study

Genre: Information Technology 

Project: Writing technology blogs about IBM’s clients’ businesses

IBM needed:

IBM is an American multinational tech giant. They have operations in over 170 countries.

IBM technologies have the latest Artifical Intelligence and machine learning capabilities. These are used by medium and large businesses across a range of industries, throughout the world. The firm was looking for information technology blogs that highlight the benefits of using IBM technology.

Each blog post would focus on a single company that improved their business by using one or more of IBM’s state-of-the-art technologies. Technologies include IBM Db2, SPSS Modeler, IBM Watson, Cognos Analytics and several others.

Work included:

For research purposes, I referred to the content already available about IBM and their clients. I then used this to create various blog posts. I was also given set instructions about the document structure, etc. that I followed. To write the blogs, I had to make sure that very technical information was translated into content that was easy to grasp for all.


I was able to produce the technology blogs while meeting all the requirements and the deadlines. As a result, I was given more work.


Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, I’m unable to post an example of my work here. If you’re interested in seeing my work samples please contact me.


September 2018