Copywriter for B2B Engineering & Tech Firms

Do you belong to the fast-paced, ever-changing tech industry? Does your business focus on selling to other businesses (B2B) in the sci-tech or engineering & construction sectors? Then you understand better than anyone else how important it is to maintain a professional image. And that’s where a tech copywriter comes in…

You have built a reputation in your industry by offering consistently good products and services. But when it comes to writing about your own company, it’s a struggle. And let’s admit, you don’t even have the time. That’s why rather than spending time over something that’s not your area of expertise (because time is money!), why not hire a technical copywriter?

Remember, ‘you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression’. 

Whether it’s your company profile, proposals, web content or something similar, you want it to shine.

You’ve got the technical skills. But you do realize it’s important to present work that is 100% free of grammatical errors and conveys your ideas clearly to your tech-savvy audience. You want to compel them to take action so your marketing efforts pay off.  

Upkeep your professional image by outsourcing to a tech copywriter who ‘gets’ your line of work as an insider.

Why may you need a technical copywriter?

Your expertise lies in SaaS, AI, ML, etc. You know the features of your tech products. But to sell to your customers, you need a wordsmith who can connect with the reader and convince them to buy. A technical copywriter has the skills to convey these features as ‘benefits’ to the audience. And make information interesting enough to read.

So, if you want to:

  • Launch a new tech product
  • Revamp your website or
  • Use blogging & social media posts to connect with your target audience
  • Polish or proofread company documents
  • Or anything else that requires putting out technical ideas clearly in front of your potential customers

You need a technical copywriter!

Hire a technical copywriter who understands marketing

I’m a copywriter with a background in engineering & tech and have a good understanding of the marketing industry. I graduated as an electrical engineer and have hands-on experience of working in related industries.  I have visited telecommunication towers. And have been in the oil fields. I understand how things work in your industry and am used to dealing with complex technology. The apparently technical and complicated stuff looks very normal to me.

With a strong understanding of marketing, I can present your technical information in such a way that it impresses your audience. And gives them reasons to want to work with you. My copy is likely to pay for itself and generate more sales for your business. Hiring a tech copywriter is an investment that’s worth it.

You’re a great businessperson. Let me help you become a great communicator too.

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