What is the best marketing strategy for a small business?

If you have stumbled upon this page then chances are that you in search of an effective marketing strategy. Perhaps you just started out a new business venture and are looking to climb up the success ladder, using a good marketing strategy? Or the sales figures of your decades-old business are suddenly beginning to drop down? And you feel the need to restructure your entire marketing plan. Whatever your situation, this article can help.

Why Develop a Marketing Strategy?

The first thing to understand about making a marketing plan is that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work here. There is no single marketing strategy which can do wonders for every business out there. You have to experiment with a combination of techniques. This is the only way to know what works best for your business and what works second best. That’s right. Truth is that it’s a competitive world. You have to make do with a number of marketing strategies. But wait! Aren’t your competitors also marketing their product/service like mad hatters? So why not play smart instead? Learn about five highly-effective marketing strategies and the reasons they work. See what works best for your business.


 1. SEO (Search Engine Optimise) Your Website

The term SEO may seem clichéd to some but fact is, it works! Whether you sell wholesale rice, own a clothing brand or offer your services as an accountant, creating a website is an essential first step. However, with over 1.5 billion websites on the web, the chances of your website showing up on a search engine are slim. This is where SEO comes in. You know your target audience. You know who your ideal client is. Then why not use an effective marketing strategy to bring them to your doorstep?

Search Engine Optimise your website with the ‘keywords’ your ideal customer is looking for. For a greater impact, also add in at least one or two long-tail keywords on each page of your website. This will help bring in visitors looking for something specific. (Perhaps it’s your product/service?) Such visitors are much easier to convert to customers.

Did you know that the number of people carrying out Google search on mobile devices is higher than those using a desktop computer? This is why it is important that your website also caters to the smart device users. Even with the best SEO practices, don’t expect to see results in a day. However, with consistent SEO combined with other marketing strategies used effectively, your website rankings will go up over a period of time. As a result, your business will experience long-term benefits.

2. Content Marketing Strategy

In the past five to ten years, buying behaviour has transformed. In today’s web-driven world, the first place a potential customer goes to for information is the internet. With so many people browsing online for solutions, content is certainly king. Therefore, with well-curated content, you can easily reach out to a large customer base.

Engaging with your clientele through social media platforms and blog posts is the key to a successful content marketing strategy. Having an active presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can help greatly. You don’t have to be on every possible social media platform. Find out where your customers hang out the most and show up on those platforms. Share your knowledge through Youtube tutorials, social media posts, podcasts and most importantly regular blog posts. According to a survey conducted by Hubspot, companies which published 16+ blog posts per month attracted 3 times more traffic than those who published only 0-4 blogs. More and more businesses are now relying on professionals to create an outstanding brand image. Therefore, if you also want to make an impact, then hiring a freelance blog writer is so worth it! It’s an investment which pays off immensely.

3. Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is known to be a lot more effective than other marketing strategies including social media posts, direct mail and paid search. It may sound similar to content marketing. However, the difference lies in the purpose. A content marketing strategy is used to create content which helps identify your business as a valuable resource. While an email marketing strategy goes a step ahead and ensures conversion. Remember to always write a mobile-friendly email with a compelling title, to increase the chances of your email getting opened. Or take the easier route and hire a copywriter to do this for you.

4. Network

Stay active on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. Connect with others in your field; join chat groups and forums for advice. Be useful to others and build long-lasting relationships. A very beneficial marketing strategy, yet often overlooked is to meet people in the real world. Even in this digital age, making real connections can do marvels.

Volunteer at local events, host an event or sponsor your community’s sports team. Giving out promotional products with your company’s logo on them is also a great marketing strategy. Remember, in the marketing space, you have to spend money to earn money. Allocate a percentage of your marketing budget for promotional events.  The results of using this marketing strategy might not be visible immediately but in the long run, it will be very fruitful.

5. Use Google’s Local Search Option

Search engine giant Google has made it easier to search for local businesses. Make the most of Google’s local search to gain customers in your vicinity. 72% of consumers who do a local search visit a store within 5 miles.(Yes, really!) Take control of the information available on the internet about your business. Update the hours of operation, phone number, address and website, if you haven’t already. Show your presence on Google Maps App or website and connect with local customers successfully.

Use these five marketing strategies consistently to stand out from the crowd. See which marketing strategy works best for your business. Happy marketing!


Have you tried any of the strategies mentioned in this blog? Let me know in the comments below which marketing strategy worked best for your business?


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