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Yealink Case Study

Genre: Technology

Project: Writing 6 technology press releases about Yealink’s Global Roadshow 2019

About Yealink:

Yealink is a global brand that makes business phones. They specialise in providing unified communication solutions. With headquarters in China, they have distributors and customers in 140 countries. They rank at No. 1 in the global market share of SIP phones.

Yealink needed:

Yealink had a global roadshow in 7 countries, 13 cities. They approached me to write press releases about the various events.

They gave me detailed information about their products and the schedule of the shows. I used this and did some additional research to write clear and engaging content for the press releases.

The tone of voice had to be formal/professional. I communicated with Yealink’s marketing team at each step to ensure they were happy with my work.


My client was happy with the quality of my work and great communication. The overall experience of working with Yealink was smooth and enjoyable.

Examples: You can read the first 2 press releases by following the links given below.

The 1st press release was mainly about Yealink’s latest phone series.

The 2nd press release focused on news about the first event in Berlin, Germany.

April 2019

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