Information technology blogs

‘Tech giant’ case study

Genre: Information Technology 

Project: Writing technology blogs about their clients’ businesses

My client needed:

My client was an American multinational tech giant with annual revenue of over $80 billion, who. have operations in over 170 countries.

They have the latest Artifical Intelligence and machine learning capabilities. These are used by medium and large businesses across a range of industries, throughout the world. The firm was looking for information technology blogs that highlight the benefits of using its technology.

Each blog post would focus on a single company that improved their business by using one or more of their state-of-the-art technologies.

Work included:

On this project, I worked remotely. For research purposes, I referred to the content already available about the firm and their clients. I then used this to create various blog posts. I was also given set instructions about the document structure, etc. that I followed. To write the blogs, I had to make sure that very technical information was translated into content that was easy to grasp for all.


I was able to produce technology blogs while meeting all the requirements and deadlines. As a result, I was given more work and wrote a total of 26 blogs.


Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, I’m unable to post an example of my work here. If you’re interested in seeing my work samples please contact me.


September 2018