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Disney travel blogs case study

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Latosha Cobern (USA) needed:

My client was a huge Disney fan. She owned an online platform for all things Disney. For her forum, she wanted to hire a copywriter to write regular travel blogs. These were about the Disney parks and the Disney resorts.

Each blog required doing in-depth research and providing references, when necessary.  I was given a specific topic for each blog. However, I had to highlight at least 15 relevant keywords in each blog and provide a catchy heading. I also had to add a tagline to conclude each blog.

Work included:

From reviewing the restaurants at each resort to the room types and walking trails, I wrote about specific places in Walt Disney World, USA. I covered every little detail answering any questions that the reader might have in mind. I referred to details such as the themes of the rooms, describing the colour combination and the general feel of the place.


My client was well pleased with the efforts I put in. And complimented that I completely matched her tone of voice.


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March 2017