Web Content (B2B)

Genre: Web Content (B2B)

Client: 99 Quid Social


99 Quid Social is a Social Media Management company. They offer a number of services to businesses who are looking for help with social media management.

They needed web content(B2B) writer, who has a good understanding of the marketing industry.

I was asked to create web content for a number of pages. These were about the Services offered by 99 Quid Social. I was asked to explain in detail the benefits of each service.  The topics I covered are given below:

Social Media Management

SEO (What is SEO? How it works and it’s benefits)

Google Adwords (What is it? What are the benefits?)

Paid Search Advertising (What is it? What are the benefits?)

I was given a word limit to follow. The content had to be well-researched and any facts had to be stated with a reference.


July 2017