Save up on costs by having clearly written technical documentation

Technical writing can help you save more than just money. Here’s how:

Technologies aim to make life easier. But if your users are unable to grasp how the technology/software that you create works, then you may end up losing customers.

Are your internal teams or end-users are struggling to use your products? Then your job is only half done. By having clearly written, customer-focused technical documentation, you help your customers to solve problems for themselves.

Every time a user finds their answer in the technical documentation, your…

🔸 Company saves time and money

🔸 Customer support staff deals with fewer inquiries

🔸 Team can focus on more important tasks

Easy-to-follow content promises to help your users 24/7. It assists in making your product useful. Not to mention, it may also bring in new customers. That’s because often people search online before asking someone for help. If your content is there to help them, it may convince them to buy from you.


Communicate better through user-centred content

If your team does not have the time or skills to do technical writing, consider outsourcing. I can help you by creating:

🔸 End-user documentation/online help (how-to guides, getting started guides, user guides, product datasheets, quick reference guides, etc.)

🔸 Policies and procedures, training material, company documents and manuals for internal teams

🔸Technical content for websites and whitepapers


Can an outsider really understand your complex products and systems?

Luckily, you don’t need a technical writer with specialist knowledge of your organisation. With my qualifications and industry experience, I can write unambiguous, simple content by:

🔸 Evaluating your current systems and practises

🔸 Interviewing the subject matter experts

🔸 Researching and analysing your audience

Why hire me for technical writing?

✅  A qualified electrical engineer.

✅  I have worked in technical writing roles in small firms where I was the sole writer, as well as multinationals like BHP and Telenor, as part of a busy team.

✅  I’m a certified Technical Author. I completed my Technical Writing/Technical Authoring course (with assessments) by the Cherryleaf, accredited by the ISTC.

A member of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC), the largest UK-based organization for technical writers and other professionals associated with tech comm. 

I have hands-on experience in using the following languages and tools:

       AutoCAD, C++, MS Visio, WordPress, G Suite


Ironically, well-written technical documentation is anything but technical. If clearly written, engaging documentation is what you’re looking for, then let’s talk!